Transfer Pricing database from Mazars

Rapid, online identification and comparison of Transfer Pricing regulations in several countries collected by Mazars.

Mazars introduces its latest innovation: an online new database providing a unique platform to assist multinational enterprises in identifying and comparing local country transfer pricing regulations.

The actual database provides stakeholders with up-to-date information about transfer pricing regulations in several countries. Mazars experts emphasize that the new platform offers an exclusive new tool for transfer pricing professionals in Mazars network and also for clients.

Mazars is proud to announce the launch of an online database that identifies and compares local transfer pricing (TP) requirements across jurisdictions in several countries.

Filling a notable gap in the market, this database allows professionals to now compare the specific aspects of transfer pricing around the world.  The database today presents the TP rules in several countries including most Central and Eastern European states as well as some Western European countries and even more South Africa. Users can not only identify but also compare the selected countries and preferred parameters on the online platform, meaning once lengthy processes, i.e. comparing ownership linkages or penalties over international borders, now takes only a few clicks.

The online platform is available in English language.

To reach the online site, please click on the link below:

Transfer Pricing Rules 2024

If you have any question, please contact our local transfer pricing experts.