M&A advisory

Mazars' full range of M&A advisory services provide useful support at every step of the sale and acquisition process.

Looking for solvent potential buyers for your company?

Mazars will help you find the answers! As part of our M&A advisory services, we help you find as many potential buyers as possible and provide you with credible and accurate information to help you make the right decisions during the transaction process. You can rely on Mazars' extensive experience in the domestic and international markets.

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Expert support from the start

For a successful transaction, it is essential to have a detailed and comprehensive plan in place, so you can secure your and your colleagues' future and the future of your company.

Selling or acquiring a company raises questions that require specific expertise which Mazars’ M&A advisors will give you the full answers to:

  • transaction advice,
  • accounting issues,
  • taxation terms,
  • legal issues.

These tasks should be under one roof, so that we can help you with all the details and you can be sure of the project's success.

Mazars is a trusted partner with highly qualified experts you can rely on from the very first step to the closing of the transaction.

Decided to sell your company?

We can help you

  • determine the value of your business
  • prepare the Teaser and the Information Memorandum
  • identify suitable and potential investors and targets
  • carry out the pre-sale due diligence
  • review the business plan
  • provide structuring advice to implement your project.

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The decision is made, so the only question is what is the next step? You can count on us!

  • We prepare you for customer due diligence and the investment process.
  • We set up the data room and organise the screening process.
  • We provide full support during the evaluation of proposals and contract negotiations.
  • We manage the sales process comprehensively.

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Supporting the process with a solid international background

Mazars has 44,000 professionals in more than 90 countries. Our professional services are based on a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of global and local conditions. The same applies to our M&A advisory services.

Thanks to our extensive professional experience, we discuss the issues and provide credible answers on all topics at the very first meeting with the client.

With our help, each step will be smooth, transparent and secure. Choose Mazars M&A services to maximize your profits!

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