Flat-rate tax and legal consulting service

Our flat-rate consultancy service provides an opportunity for our clients to discuss with Mazars’s experts their various tax, accounting and even legal issues that arise in the course of their daily operations, or to request confirmation of their practices via e-mail or telephone – all for a fixed monthly fee.

The flat-rate tax advisory cooperation means continuous help in addressing uncertainties concerning invoicing, accounting, the settling of accounts, the interpretation of the ever-changing tax legislation, or identifying the tax consequences and risks of contracts. The flat-rate tax consultancy service enables our client to ask questions more confidently, without worrying about how much the tax adviser will charge for this advice – all for a much more favourable consultancy fee than standard hourly rates.

The benefits of our flat-rate service designed to meet market needs include:

  • tax consultancy expenses can be more easily planned, costs are reduced;
  • the monthly hour limit for flat-rate tax consultancy may be reallocated within the tax year;
  • a noticeable improvement in efficiency in the management and identification of tax risks, given that clients ask more questions;
  • as a result of the cooperation, the burden on the accounting department will be lighter (efficiency improvement);
  • taxation control is improved; 
  • flat-rate services are provided at a more favourable hourly rate.

If you have any questions in connection with our services, please contact our advisor colleagues.