Newsletter 2013/1- Accounting law 2013

This year's first accounting newsletter we summerized some related laws and changes of Accounting Act 2013.

The Accounting Act (C Act of 2000, after referred to as Acc. Act) has been modified last year in the context of workplace safety action plan in 2012 CXLV year, tax law changes relating the CLXXVIII law , and the fondation of budget associated with the CCVIII law by the Law from the 1st of January 2013. Some modifications can be used when you prepare the annual report of 2012, to what we call your attention by using the following notification: L 2012. We also sign when they entry into force at different times.

If you want to know more information about the topic, we recommend to download the document below. We inform you that the newsletter in only available in Hungarian.


Mazars Számviteli tájékoztató 2013 01