IT consultancy and information security

Information is today's most valuable asset and the most important tool companies use for achieving real competitive advantage.

For this reason, it is of particular significance that information storage and processing systems should serve your business needs at the highest level of standard, and provide protection for your and your clients’ critical data.

Another important consideration is that the company’s IT environment should be in compliance with the continuously changing statutory requirements and guarantee the quality of the financial reports and support the decisions of the management and the shareholders by way of data of suitably quality and quantity.

Our IT consultancy and information security services address every aspect of information security, the planning of business continuity, as well as the supporting and subsequent verification of data migration projects. In addition, we also offer advising for start-up companies in connection with the introduction of systems.

If you want to be absolutely certain about success, contact Mazars with full confidence in case any of the following services are of interest:

Our IT consultancy and information security services:

  • IT system assessment, IT auditand information security risk analysis
  • Establishing of IT regulatory system, the preparation or revision of IT policies;The review of the existing situation prior to the introduction of a new system, as well as providing support for system roll-outs;
  • The support and subsequence verification of data migration projects;
  • The issuance of reports certifying the compliance of IT systems with statutory requirements;
  • Business impact analysis and business continuity management planning;
  • The checking of the suitability of data provided by third parties;
  • The support of IT project management.

We provide our IT consultancy services by way of our own expert colleagues and dedicated subcontractors.