GDPR Compliance and Implementation Services

The assessment and improvement of companies’ levels of data security and capabilities to manage incidents in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.

With our help you can achieve full compliance (in addition to the legal aspects of data protection) also with the data security requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (Article 2 of GDPR), while keeping costs at a low level.

The GDPR does not provide a clear and list-like set of expectations concerning the security of personal data. Any breach of the security of such data (which may mean the destruction, loss or long-term unavailability of the data) is considered an incident required to be notified the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in case of every organisation, and as such, they entail significant risks of harmed to the organisation’s reputation or fines being imposed. 

In order to avoid the above, we help translate the data security requirements of the GDPR to your environment, and provide support enabling you to correctly assess your level of preparedness so that you can satisfy the requirements of the Authority and can also meet the expectations of your partners.

Our activities include the following areas, in order to provide you the most efficient support possible:

- Surveying the level of data security;

- Assessing the data security controls, rules of procedure and technologies;

- Categorising data and putting them into the relevant classes of protection;

- Surveying and improving the capabilities to recognise incidents;

- The documentation of the activities and rules in the area of data protection in order to satisfy the accountability requirement of the GDPR.

With a data security framework system (which deals with the organisational, physical and technological aspects of data security, and also takes into consideration the individual characteristics of the company) we provide compliance not only with the letter of the law but can also reduce the likelihood of cases of external attack, internal data theft and leakages. As a result, you can avoid the risk of fines that may be imposed due to failures to notify data protection incidents (which in extreme cases can exceed HUF 6 billion), lawsuits for damages and loss of reputation.

Our GDPR- related data protection services

  • Data security diagnostics according to the methodology of Mazars based on the ISO 27001:2013 standard;
  • The review or drafting of data security measures, policies and procedures;
  • The categorisation of data and putting them into the relevant classes of protection;
  • The surveying and assessment of technological solutions for data security;
  • Support in the introduction of missing solutions of protection.

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Adatbiztonság- 20 millió ok a felkészülésre

Important changes in the field of data protection- 2017.08.02.


Mazars GDPR Compliance Services
Mazars GDPR Compliance Services
Mazars: adatbiztonság: 20 millió ok a felkészülésre
Mazars: adatbiztonság: 20 millió ok a felkészülésre
Important changes in the field of data protection
Important changes in the field of data protection