Automatic domestic purchase report services

Since the introduction of real-time data provision, it is no longer necessary to fill in the pages for the output invoices within the domestic purchase report (M-page).

However, it is still necessary to provide data in respect of the purchases, regardless of the amount of their VAT content. Reducing the threshold has led to increased administrative burdens for many taxpayers, as those who previously did not have to deal with the M-pages for purchases at all or only had to fill a few lines on those pages, they now need to fill in hundreds of rows as part of their VAT declarations.

How can we help?

Completing the real-time data provision resulted in a serious additional administrative burden for many since the designation of M-pages involving hundreds of rows with minimal effort and via automated processing, and the ÁNYK file to be submitted to the Tax Authority may be generated simply based on the VAT analytics sent by the Client. Mazars could accept the VAT analytics in two forms based on the Client's choice:

  • Filling out an excel template provided by Mazars for domestic purchases or receipt of services, where VAT was charged. This table is converted by Mazars to the M-pages of the VAT declaration, taking into consideration the thresholds, and then returns the VAT return in an editable format (.enyk file) to the Client in a way that they no longer have to deal with the domestic purchase report.
  • The Client sends its own VAT analytics, from which Mazars produces the excel template necessary for the conversion, and then returns the VAT return in an editable format (.enyk file) to the Client.

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