Company portal registration and company portal representation in Hungary

We can help you navigate in the maze of Company portal (“Cégkapu”) registration, administration, maintenance and keeping up to date with all related information!

Since 1 January 2018, companies have only been able to communicate with the government electronically. The electronic interface of that communication is the “Cégkapu” (Company portal) service, which means, for example, that businesses must submit all tax returns via that portal.

In fact, companies will have to conduct all communication with the state agencies, authorities and offices with the use of the Company portal. Therefore, this means much more than a onetime registration of an e-mail address. Since all communication related to administrative and other official procedures will take place through this channel, continuous management of the Company portal storage space is required. It is very important, therefore, who manages, supervises and maintains the Company portal interface.

Mazars offers assistance to newly established companies in performing the mandatory Company portal registration. As for companies that are already in the possession of a Company portal, it undertakes the complete management of the storage space that is continuous Company portal representation.

Attention! Company portal representation is not an accounting, legal or tax advisory service, but an administrative type of assistance. Mazars assists businesses after the “Cégkapu” registration by monitoring the information received from the authorities, helps them in communication, as well as any further administrative tasks (e.g. the registration of “Cégkapu” administrators), and in keeping the “Cégkapu”-related data up to date. In the course of “Cégkapu” registration, Mazars can designate one or several persons as “Cégkapu” administrators, who will proceed with the administration of specific types of procedures of the company. For example, in connection with the tax returns, it is expedient to designate the accountant of the business as a “Cégkapu” administrator.

To whom do we recommend our services?

  • To those who are uncertain about the processes of Company portal registration and the further use of the Company portal interface;
  • To companies whose representative is a foreign person, and nobody at the company has an “Ügyfélkapu” account (a “client portal”, the government gateway for private entities); We can help you navigate in the maze of Company portal (“Cégkapu”) registration, administration, maintenance and keeping up to date with all related information! Company portal registration and Company portal representation in Hungary
  • To companies importing goods to Hungary and selling such imported goods to Hungarian, other EU, or third-country buyers;
  • To companies where certain employees do have access to the “Ügyfélkapu” system but they do not want deal with the issue of registration, and thereafter to continuously monitor the information received from the authorities, to maintain the Company portal data, and to perform any further administrative tasks, as needed.

How can we help?

We offer our Company portal-related service on three levels: when establishing this service, our objective was to ensure that all our clients could find the form of assistance they required.

  • Company portal consultation
  • Company portal registration
  • Company portal representation

If you have any questions in connection with our services, please contact our advisor colleagues.


Company portal registration
Company portal registration