A basic requirement of market economies is that economic operators publish reliable and true pieces of information regarding their financial situation, income and wealth. The reliability of published information is increased by audits carried out by independent auditors. Audit is one of the key service of Mazars Kft.

Mazars' auditors aid our employees in providing transparent information to management, directors, investors and other market operators. The audit opinions we provide conform to the requirements of independence and ethical conduct as well as to professional standards.

Our work is characterized by:

♦ Responsible and cost-effective audits 

We specialize in critical and high risk areas, focusing especially on internal monitoring and risk assessment. While auditing clients who operate with high business risk, we involve our IT and tax experts as parts of our audit team to offer increased value to the client.

♦ Independent expert opinions

Using our experience in accounting and consultancy, extensive Hungarian know-how and the international experience of Mazars, we provide opinions as independent outsider experts. The members of our workgroup provide our clients with flexible solutions.

♦ Interactive communication 

This aspect guarantees that we gain a comprehensive overview of the areas our clients deem problematic. Furthermore, it ensures that we can identify possible issues and risks, and offer solutions in a short period of time. 


In Hungary, we offer the following audit services to our clients:

  • Auditing of annual simplified reports or reports prepared according to the Hungarian accounting law
  • Auditing of group accounting policy based reporting packages assembled for parent enterprises for consolidation purposes
  • Auditing of financial reports based on Austrian or German accounting principles (HB II)
  • Auditing of group accounting policy based reporting packages
  • Auditing of IFRS financial reports
  • Auditing of US GAAP financial reports

Our workgroups are assembled to include employees with experiences in the industry of the audited company.

We have auditing experience and references in the following industries:

  • Financial and capital sectors (banking, insurance, financial and investment enterprises, investment fund managers, investment funds and pension funds)
  • Real estate development
  • Industry and production
  • Service provider enterprises
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Software development
  • Construction
  • Media
  • Tourism
  • Other (e.g. foundations)