Payroll accounting and payroll administration services

Mazars has been providing comprehensive, professional payroll and HR administration services for about 30 years. Our experience in the field of human resources management also includes IT development and the creation of data interfaces. In addition, in recent years, we have built up highly recognized advisory competence in reviewing, verification, optimization and reorganization of existing payroll administration processes.

Why should you use the payroll and HR administration services of Mazars? How are we different from other service providers?

1. Mazars provides global payroll services in approximately 80 countries, and we offer web-based customer portal solutions to our international clients with which they can not only send documents safely from anywhere in the world, but can also monitor the status of individual business administrative processes, from the posting of the time and attendance data to the filing of tax returns.

2. Our payroll and related HR administration service are based on Mazars’ internal risk management policy and guaranteed service levels, which are agreed upon with clients at the time of concluding the contract. Guaranteed coverage, guaranteed
response times, mobile phone contacts, KPI indicators, and remote access to critical software 24/7.

3. Our global and local IT security and data protection policies and processes guarantee the secure handling of employee and employer data.

4. Outsourcing offers many advantages for the client. Mazars is an international advisory company. Our clients can quickly receive answers to any financial, accounting, tax or labor law issues, in addition to payroll administration and social security
disbursement services.

5. Before concluding a contract, we conduct due diligence on all of the client’s payroll administration and related processes, and on the basis of this we jointly prepare and tailor the future mode of operations to the client needs. Furthermore, we also
take into account the special needs of our clients; for example, we incorporated the strict control points of one of our pharmaceutical industry clients into our procedures.

How can we support your processes?

  • In case of our outsourcing service, by performing all or part of your HR and payroll administration processes.
  • In the framework of our process review and advisory service, by rationalizing and improving companies’ payroll and HR administration processes for cost-effectiveness.
  • In connection with our IT/system development services, by unique data interfaces, resulting in labor resource savings and elimination of inherent manual data entry errors.
  • We also offer an employee self-service business solution, the design and operation of which may be independent from the payroll accounting system, its location, and whether it is outsourced or performed in-house.

Online HR administrative services:

  • web-based cafeteria declarations;
  • web-based working time recording and reporting solution;
  • web-based work scheduler;
  • electronic payslip;
  • customized reports for HR and the management.

If you have any questions in connection with our services, please contact our advisor colleagues.


Payroll accounting and payroll administration services
Payroll accounting and payroll administration services