Ban on the export of cereals: The government decree restricting exports has been promulgated

On 6 March 2022, a government decree prohibiting the export from Hungary of certain raw materials and products (such as cereals) of strategic importance from the point of view of the security of food and animal feed supply entered into force. The news came as a surprise to Hungarian cereals exporters.

Government Decree 83/2022 (III.5), which remains in effect until 15 May 2022, aims to ensure that agricultural products, the prices of which have increased significantly due to the current situation in international politics and trade, remain on the domestic market in sufficient quantities as necessary for the security of food and animal feed markets in Hungary, and that the supply of such goods abroad (to other EU member states or to third countries) should not jeopardise the availability of these products to Hungarian consumers and livestock farmers.

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Tax Newsletter 2022/05.
Tax Newsletter 2022/05.