Valuation Services

For supporting business decisions as well as for managing corporate reporting and tax risks fair value is of increasing importance and a sensitive area always in the focus of authorities, management and any stakeholders of your company.

Valuation can be controversial and at times subjective. Whatever the circumstances, the key to a successful valuation is an adviser who is knowledgeable, independent and objective and, at the same time, listens to your concerns.

Mazars provides objective and independent valuations. We analyse the complex factors that can affect the value of a complete business or partial shareholding to produce a fair and considered valuation. Depending on your needs, our valuation service often combines the skills and experience of many disciplines within the firm.

Our valuation services:

♦ Investment and transaction valuation

  • Company and business unit valuation,
  • Valuation of spin-off transactions,
  • Assistance and advisory in building up of discounted cash-flow models (DCF),
  • Reviewing and validation of valuation models (DCF),
  • Business modelling and review,
  • Intangible asset valuation.

♦ Accounting and tax support

  • Advisory and performance of impairment reviews based on IFRS
  • Preparation of impairment test documentation
  • Determining fair value of equity for investment valuations according to Hungarian Accounting Law
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) and assistance in goodwill accounting based on IFRS3 
  • Fair market value determination for Transfer Pricing compliance purposes and preparation of relating TP documentation
  • Advisory in company transformations performed on fair value