Transaction services

All type of transactions- whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or equity investments- involve complex issues and questions that require the special attention of experienced professionals.

In order to get the most out of your transactions we help our clients to make the right decision and to enable the deal to be a success.

With this in mind we are able to work closely with our clients to understand the main drivers behind the deal and your long term strategic aims. Mazars' multidisciplinary team is there to report on the financial, commercial, operational, legal and tax aspects of the target business and supporting you in your strategic investments and financial decisions.

Our transaction advisory services include:

  • Due Diligence (financial, operational and tax)
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Structuring advisory
  • Business Plan review
  • Purchase price adjustment
  • Closing assurance procedures
  • Post Acquisition Due Diligence

For a Buy-side due diligence, Mazars' experts can assist in gaining a better understanding of your target's operations, business, financial, tax and legal risks to support your investment decision.

When you are the seller, we will work with you to identify potential risks as early as possible to get the best out of the deal and as a consequence of our vendor due diligence we are able to provide you with restructuring advice to faciliate the planned sale.

We support our Clients in solving several financial, tax, accounting, legal and HR issues and mitigating operational and compliance risks before (structuring, business plan review), during (implementation, price calculation, closing) and following the Transactions (post acquisition due-diligence).