Electronic invoicing

Accepting and issuing e-invoices, electronic document management

Finding, introducing and properly applying the adequate invoicing method that best serves the needs of the given company and its partners is critical in the life of every company. The most suitable solution has many characteristics, and may differ from one business to the next. The following characteristics, however, are most certainly included: it should be quick, simple, perfectly aligned with the processes and the ERP system of the given company, and of course it should be the most economical.

If you believe that your company’s invoicing system perfectly satisfies the above criteria, then there is nothing further you need to do in connection with this. If, however, you have doubts, it may be worth considering your options. Electronic invoicing will almost certainly be somewhere at the top of the list of those options, whether you are considering redesigning your systems as an entity accepting or issuing invoices.

Traditionally, many doubts may arise in connection with e-invoicing. Will it complicate our life and processes too much? If we think in terms of issuing e-invoices, will our customers be willing to accept those e-invoices? Do we even need the consent of our partners for e-invoicing? If yes, in what form? What are the consequences of accepting e-invoices? How are we going to process e-invoices for posting and accounting? Are we able to satisfy the requirements applicable to archiving? Is it worth using the services of an external service provider, or should we solve the processes related to e-invoices ourselves?

If any of the above questions has been raised in your organisation or you are uncertain about the answers, our colleagues are pleased to be at your service, whether you just need an answer to a simple question or the coordination of a project aimed at the introduction of an entire electronic document management system.

To whom do we recommend our services?

  • To companies where the demand for e-invoicing has already emerged on behalf of their suppliers, and are considering accepting e-invoices.
  • To those thinking about introducing e-invoicing, in order to make their processes faster, the invoicing cheaper, or think about this solution for environmental considerations.
  • To those who already use electronic invoicing, but would like to extend the circle of customers who are open to the acceptance of e-invoices.
  • To those who are uncertain about archiving.
  • To those who would like to make certain that they have a business verification procedure in place that creates a reliable link between the invoice and the supply of the product or service, thereby ensuring that the three important criteria (authenticity of origin, integrity of data content, and legibility) are satisfied.
  • And to everyone else who may have any questions in connection with electronic invoices.

How can we help?

  • While keeping the processes of your company in sight, we help you find the most suitable mode of accepting or issuing electronic invoices.
  • We provide support during the full life cycle of the project aimed at introducing electronic invoicing, from the kick-off meeting through informing your partners to testing the system.
  • We help in solving questions related to archiving.
  • We provide simple and clear explanations in response to your questions related to electronic invoicing

If you have any questions in connection with our services, please contact our advisor colleagues.


Electronic invoicing
Electronic invoicing