PIT, social tax and SS advisory services

In the continuously changing economic and legal environment, one of the biggest challenges facing companies is ensuring permanent, all-encompassing and efficient compliance with the complex set of rules governing taxation, social security and labour issues.

Our experts specialising in personal income tax and social security can help you find your way through the labyrinth of legal provisions and participate in the shaping of both pre-existing structures as well as those still under design.

Our areas of expertise where we can assist you:

  • Comprehensive consultancy services in the areas of personal income tax and social security;
  • Advice related to taxes and social security contributions on labour;
  • Advice on separately-taxed income;
  • Determining and optimising the personal income tax and social security contributions payable on company benefits and payments;
  • Assistance with the introduction of stock option plans, providing opinions on existing plans, the adjustment of plans to ensure compliance with Hungarian provisions of law, preparing information materials;
  • Advice and assistance related to the preparation of employee benefit plans (“Cafeteria”), providing opinions on existing plans;
  • Questions related to tax and social security issues of employees posted abroad, advisory service, optimisation related to the above (filings, registrations, accounting and interpreting legal provisions) - In the framework of our Expat service;
  • The preparation of tax and social security calculations and returns, advising on the above;
  • Advice related to family benefits, assistance with submitting claims;
  • Consultancy on retirement plans (pensions);
  • Consultancy related to questions of employment law;
  • Representation before the tax authority, assistance in tax audits, advice on related individual issues.

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