Legal services

Mazars Hungary provides a full range of legal services to Hungarian and foreign organisations. We also undertakes the representation of several Hungarian companies owned by multinational enterprises.

The Law Office Borsy cooperates with the Hungarian office of Mazars. Its Managing partner is Dr. János Borsy lawyer, corporate law and corporate expert lawyer. The Law Office Borsy provides full range of legal service of several Hungarian and foreign economic organization. Mazars Hungary regularly participates in screenings prior to acquisitions, incorporation procedures, reorganisations and cessations, tax-related and civil code proceedings, as well as cases related to labor law.

Our main services:

  • Corporate law, company foundation, court procedures, dissolution
  • Continuous and full administration of companies and company law issues
  • Transformations, acquisitions, company law procedure
  • Legal due diligence of companies
  • Preparation of contracts, advice
  • Labor law, employment contracts, internal regulations, employment-related matters, employment litigation advice and representation
  • Civil litigitation consulting
  • Real estate legal advice, contracts, land registry procedures
  • Tax procedures, tax litigation advice and representation

In order to get more information about our service, please contact Dr. János Borsy ( ) lawyer, specialized in corporate law or Sándor Szmicsek, Tax Partner of Mazars Hungary.