Continuous supply of goods and services

Are you prepared for the changes of the VAT regulations regarding the continuous supply of goods and services as of 2016? The rules of the continuous supply of goods and services over a period of time (based on Section 58 of the VAT Act) will amend from the 1st of January 2016, the modification will affect most enterprises, both the issuers and the recipients of the invoices.

The scope of the concerned transactions will extend and the rules of the performance date will be amended. It is highly essential for us to support our clients during the period of getting prepared for the modifications a long before they actually enter into force, as the new regulations may lead to adjustments in the invoicing software, as well as to changes in the contractual terms.

In order to apply the new regulations correctly, we offer personalized advices to our Clients regarding the industrial, special activities or individual agreements.

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Időszaki elszámolású ügyletek
Időszaki elszámolású ügyletek