Tax advisory and legal services

Irrespective of whether we are discussing the ongoing operations of a company or various non-recurring events, there is no getting away from the importance of tax issues, Mazars provides tax and legal advisory services to its clients.

Tax non-compliance may trigger serious financial consequences and result in an immediate cash flow effect. In some cases it might even destroy the good reputation of a company.

However, through appropriate tax planning, not only can cost savings be achieved, but new prospects may be opened up, thereby increasing the satisfaction of the company’s stakeholders.

Mazars’ tax specialists are committed to delivering value-added, client-focused tax services with regard to all of our clients' expressed and confidential tax concerns. It is our objective to understand our clients’ business and the commercial, regulatory and industry specific issues they face in order to provide the best solution in any given situation.

We work closely together with our accounting and finance departments and we are also in a position to recommend and engage our reliable partners in legal advice. Hence you will find all necessary services in one place. 

Wide range of tax advisory services

Tax consultancy and tax planning services for business organisations

Thanks to our extensive professional experience, we provide a full range of tax consultancy services for business organisations. We also provide consultancy on direct and indirect taxes, local taxes, regulatory issues and specific transactions.
Thanks to our flexible conditions, we also offer flat-rate or monthly cooperation options.

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Tax consultancy for multinational companies

You can rely on Mazars' 30 years of experience even in a multinational environment. We provide full domestic or international consultancy and ongoing cooperation.

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International tax consultancy

Are you planning to set up an international head office or to restructure your operations? We can help you keep your tax affairs simple and transparent.

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Flat- rate tax and legal consulting services

The flat-rate tax advisory cooperation means continuous help in addressing uncertainties concerning invoicing, accounting, the settling of accounts, the interpretation of the ever-changing tax legislation, or identifying the tax consequences and risks of contracts. The flat-rate tax consultancy service enables our client to ask questions more confidently, without worrying about how much the tax adviser will charge for this advice – all for a much more favourable consultancy fee than standard hourly rates.

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Compliance and local tax planning

Our consultants actively support clients with respect to questions on corporate tax, local business tax, innovation contribution, as well as various levies and sectoral taxes. In addition, our colleagues highlight the possibilities in connection with a wide range of available tax allowances and/or tax base reductions or even group taxation that may be available in the tax regime. They determine and reliably assess compliance with the relevant criteria, as well as design and support, throughout the entire process, the risk-free methods whereby these opportunities may be used. 

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VAT advisory services

In the life of a tax subject it is usually VAT that causes the most headache; furthermore, decisions concluding tax audits most frequently also end with findings of significant tax difference in connection with VAT. In the framework of VAT advising, our colleagues are prepared to assist you with with tasks starting from the planning of the entire structure, through providing support in the tax aspects of one-time, special transactions, and down to the most practical question.

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PIT, social tax and SS advisory services

In the continuously changing economic and legal environment, one of the biggest challenges facing companies is ensuring permanent, all-encompassing and efficient compliance with the complex set of rules governing taxation, social security and labour issues.

Our experts specialising in personal income tax and social security can help you find your way through the labyrinth of legal provisions and participate in the shaping of both pre-existing structures as well as those still under design.

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Customs and excise duty advisory services

Mazars offers customs and excise duty advisory services to assist economic operators. In the framework of this, we help ensure that they have information on relevant requirements as necessary for their daily operations and avoid risks arising from the incorrect application of customs regulations or excise duty rules. In addition to minimizing risks, it is also our aim to facilitate the administration of companies’ everyday customs and excise duty cases by way of providing advice related to their processes in place.

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Tax-effective design of business transactions

Our tax planning service is available to support all our clients who wish to make a tax-conscious decision in the course of transactions of the day-to-day business or in carrying out extraordinary transactions of significant value.

As a result of a properly designed arrangement that takes into consideration tax rules to the maximum extent, individual transactions or even the system-level operation of the business can be achieved at a significantly less cost in comparison with the situation where the task of the financial manager is limited to the subsequent accountant of the transactions already carried out and the payment of the associated tax burdens. In the interest of the above, it is an important and sensible decision, as well as one yielding multiple return on the investment, if the taxation processes are designed with the involvement of a tax advisor. Using the knowledge and experience of a professional tax expert brings value whether it is about tax planning concerning the VAT, which is uniquely high in Hungary in European comparison, or exploiting the possibilities inherent in corporate income tax or tax base, or even the introduction of business promotions.

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R&D allowances

The Hungarian tax system actively promotes R&D activities.

Businesses carrying out basic research, applied research and experimental development should be aware of the related benefits, as these can help them achieve significant tax savings in multiple tax types. Mazars has summarized who and why should find out about the R&D allowances. 

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Why use the tax consultancy services of Mazars?

  • High added value
  • Client-centric approach
  • Outstanding national and international experience
  • Specific sector experience
  • More than 30 years of experience

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Tax and Legal Advisory Services
Tax and Legal Advisory Services