Internal control and process optimisation

Internal control and process optimization enable the management to operate a company efficiently, in compliance with the internal policies and regulations.

In today's business world, internal control, integrated IT systems and financial reporting are becoming increasingly complex. In a parallel way, organisations rely more and more on the information generated by these systems and processes. In addition, in several countries there are new rules placing even more emphasis on internal audit, and they often require that the efficiency of the internal control processes to be independently certified. Taking all of this into consideration, it is also important that the trust toward the reports generated by the company’s EPR and information systems be well-founded.

Our experts in Mazars can help you assess the effectiveness of the current control environment, to identify any deficiencies, as well as to design, document and operate the control processes that are indispensable for ensuring the accurate information used for the financial reporting and decision-making in a timely manner, and are also fundamental conditions of transparent economic management.

If your company has no organisational unit dedicated to internal audit tasks, we are prepared to perform this work outsourced to us as a service provider, or alternatively, our experienced colleagues are at your disposal from time to time for the performance of internal audit projects.

Mazars has broad experience in the checking of the processes and reports of business partners (e.g. licensees, lessees) to obtain the necessary certainty concerning the proper management of the processes and the reliability of the data provided by them. In the course of our work we do not only work to expose deficiencies, but also draw up recommendations for improving business performance, help with designing and implementing the structures for efficient operation.

Our internal control services

  • Outsourced internal audit
  • Temporary placement of our expert in your internal audit unit;
  • The examination of the efficiency of the internal control system;
  • Checking the suitability of the internal policies of the company;
  • Checking compliance with external regulations and requirements;
  • Process assessment and the creation of the control environment;
  • The checking of the outsourced activities at third parties;
  • Assessment of IT systems.

If you have any question, please contact our expert.