Accounting advisory and trainings

The aim of our accounting support services is to provide assistance with changing international and Hungarian accounting legislation.

Our colleagues are experts with years of experience, chartered accountants, tax advisors, trainers with ACCA and dipIFRS qualifications.  

Accounting consultancy encompasses the following services

  • IFRS and Hungarian Accounting Law consultancy
  • Evaluation of accounting impacts of complex non-standard transactions
  • IFRS trainings
  • IFRS and Accounting Newsletters
  • Accounting consultancy regarding company transformation
  • Consultancy regarding consolidation
  • Consultancy related to hedge accounting and foreign exchange bookkeeping
  • Accounting training courses-"Mazars croissants"
  • Accounting of other specific corporate situation (business purchasing, assumption of obligations, assignment of claims, PPA)

If you have any question, please, contact our expert.