Our advisory services related to bank financing

Our experts will provide you with independent financial, tax and legal due diligence to increase reliability and assist the financing process.

The key element of an efficient financing process is to eliminate major information dissymmetry. Mazars, as an independent advisor can provide appropriate assurance for the financing banks also in financing, tax and legal questions.

Our experts at Mazars provided independent financial, tax and legal due diligence for numerous banks in Hungary and assisted the financing process, therefore we have good understanding on the needs of the financing banks.

Our proposed services are as follows

  • Financial, tax and legal due diligence and risk assessment,
  • Validation of historical and forcasted EBITDA,
  • Evaluation of the accounting procedures and control environment of the Target company,
  • Preparation of profitability analysis,
  • Review of carve out transactions from financial and operational point of view,
  • Preparation of group level pro forma consolidation financial statements,
  • Evaluation and review of business plans,
  • Evaluation and review of cash flow forecasts,
  • Review of transfer pricing of the Target group,
  • Independent valuation of investments, intangibles, tangibles and other assets,
  • Evaluation of synergies arising from proposed transactions.

If you have any question, please, contact our expert.