Payroll- professional solutions for companies

With Mazars, you can enjoy all the benefits of payroll outsourcing: we deliver flexible, fast and precise solutions for companies! By outsourcing your payroll processes to us, you really win: what we ensure are stable processes, cost optimisation and up-to-date knowledge. We give your company the best of our expertise!
  • 30years working for our clients’ success 
  • 7000+satisfied employees whose payroll we do every month
  • 20payroll specialists bringing the best of their professional expertise 

What can you gain by outsourcing payroll processes?

Cost reduction: There are a number of expenses associated with doing payroll in-house. For example, the cost of payroll software, other related licensing and server expenses, the costs of professional trainings, office space, the salaries of your employees in charge of payroll, plus the public charges and contributions due, or the costs of making arrangements for substitutions where necessary. Outsourcing payroll is an effective alternative to streamline processes and reduce costs.

You can always count on us: Lack of capacity is not a problem for us. Our payroll service provides professional support for your business, while you can concentrate on profit-generating tasks.

Professional experience behind every step: The primary goal of Mazars’ payroll team is fast, efficient and smooth cooperation. When problems and questions arise, we respond honestly, proactively and quickly!

The protection of personal data is essential: We comply with the GDPR regulation in every aspect of our work – and not just on paper. Our clients are of paramount importance to us, and we take special care about the data of the company and its employees!

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What is included in our payroll service?

Comprehensive solutions in the area of payroll accounting for companies:

  • Full-scale payroll service, calculation of monthly net wages, taxes and contributions to be paid
  • Preparation of employer’s certificates, end-of-year tax certificates
  • Completion of monthly wage, tax and social security transfer orders
  • Monthly payrolls sent electronically to employees, with password protection
  • Management of absences and working time records
  • Development and production of postings in general ledger
  • Preparation of statements and cost estimates tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Claiming and managing social security benefits, operating a social security payer site
  • Providing professional advice prior to official audits, also offering preliminary audits
  • Representation before the authorities in case of audits
  • Providing information on changes in legislation affecting payroll
  • Offering professional training in payroll and labour matters, also tailored to specific requests
  • Operation of an integrated cafeteria system

The main advantage of outsourcing payroll is the flexibility of the processes. You can count on personalised, efficient solutions from the Mazars payroll team!

What next? You just need to provide a few details to discover the true potential inherent in our payroll service!

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Are you thinking about outsourcing your payroll?

New year, clean finances

The outsourcing of payroll processes will move up a gear at the end of the year. Make the best financial decision of 2023 with Mazars.



You're not alone

We know the payroll and HR business processes and adapt to your unique needs. We support you in the transition from the first step to the final implementation. All clients are high-priority clients for us!


We'll be closer than you would think

Our payroll consultants are available, helpful and supportive. You can count on our payroll advisers in the long term.



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Would you like to change your payroll partner? You can count on Mazars’ solutions!

Outsourcing followed by reorganisation? It doesn't have to be a nightmare! Contact our expert team and we’ll work with you to improve your processes.

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We are partners in payroll

Our values support long-term collaboration!

Flexibility: We are flexible to work with! You can always count on our digital and personalized solutions.

Precision: We take the burden off your shoulders! Your HR team’s resources will no longer be consumed by lengthy reconciliations of payroll documents with employees.

Accuracy: Everyone gets their due on time. We monitor payroll deadlines and strictly adhere to them.

Keeping up with changes:  Our payroll team adapts to the changing needs of your business and leads the way for further development.

Capacity: Our company is equipped to handle payroll tasks for hundreds or thousands of employees. The right professionals and knowledge are at your disposal!

Continuity: You can save valuable resources removing the burdens from your company inherent with employing staff for payroll and related tasks.

Dedicated contact person: With a dedicated contact person, we guarantee smooth and seamless collaboration.

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