Fiscal representation in Hungary

Fiscal representation services in Hungary by Mazars: VAT registration and VAT compliance services of non-EU companies.

Companies established outside the EU (“non-EU companies”) having to register for VAT purposes in Hungary are required to appoint a fiscal representative.

Companies engaging a fiscal representative can only be represented in front of the Hungarian Tax Authority by the engaged fiscal representative. The fiscal representative shall file the tax returns of the represented company. It is also important that the fiscal representative and the represented company bear joint and several liabilities for the tax liabilities of the company in Hungary.

Mazars provides the above fiscal representation services in Hungary. Assists in completing the tax registration process and provides all the associated VAT compliance services, Mazars also provides tax advisory services for the represented company.


  • To companies considering a Hungarian VAT registration, or need advice on their VAT obligations in Hungary;
  • To companies having already performed taxable sales or purchases in Hungary, and need advice on the VAT treatment of their transactions in Hungary;
  • To companies importing goods to Hungary from non-EU countries and delivering the imported goods to customers in Hungary, in EU or non-EU countries;
  • To companies selling goods purchased and shipped from EU countries or from local vendors in Hungary with the purposes of selling to customers in Hungary, in EU or non-EU countries.


  • Mazars meets all the requirements set by law to be a fiscal representative. Mazars has the required equity and has the reliable tax payer status at the Hungarian Tax Authority;
  • Mazars has experienced personnel specializing on VAT compliance tasks;
  • Mazars Hungary Tax and Legal team is continually available for assistance, consultation and advice during the VAT registration process and during the entire term of the engagement for fiscal representation;
  • Mazars applies competitive fees while making available the experience of its international audit and tax advisory network.

Should you have any questions relating to the above services, please, do not hesitate to contact us directly or through any of your existing Mazars contact person.

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