VAT planning- more efficient business structure

A transaction structure established after an initial tax consultancy is more efficient from various points of view than one in which only the criteria of sales and marketing were taken into consideration.

Furthermore, even in case of structures established in cooperation with a tax advisor, there may still be opportunities for further optimisation, and due to the changes in the nature of the transactions and the legislative environment, it is also worth reviewing these structures periodically.

The biggest tax advantage can be achieved with the establishment or the revision of a good VAT structure. Therefore, it is worth spending more time on VAT planning, as companies devoting attention to using transactions that are efficient from the point of view of taxation can achieve a competitive advantage in comparison with others who believe these only constitute “tricks” or useless spending on professional services.

Our company can help you better understand and take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the current and in the planned new structures. The VAT expert team of MAZARS has successfully developed efficient solutions where, in addition to the cash-flow advantage, tax savings were also achieved.

To whom do we recommend our services?

  • To companies that have already established their transaction structure, but this happened relatively a long time (4-5 years) ago, and they are interested in whether the changes in the laws that have occurred since provide opportunities for further optimisation;
  • To those who have never used tax planning services, because they think that the costs are too high relative to the gains that can be expected; and
  • To everyone who is uncertain that their current structure is optimal from a taxation point of view.

How can we help?

  • We participate in the planning process, cooperating with the company in order to ensure that the best structure is adopted for the optimisation of the tax burdens.
  • We review the structure established earlier, assess the possible related opportunities and risks, and make a recommendation for the modified structure.
  • We coordinate the establishment of the proposed new structure, any consultations with foreign parties, maintaining contacts with the tax authorities, and the filing of returns.
  • If necessary, with the help of our international network of partner offices, we also contact the local tax authorities in other countries, and assist in the formation of entities abroad.

If you have any questions related to our VAT planning service, please contact our colleagues directly or through your Mazars contact person.

Some possibilities from a VAT planning point of view

  • Group taxation arrangement                                                                  
  • Transfer of a line of business
  • Promotions                                                      
  • Self-billing
  • Supply of goods and services without consideration 
  • VAT warehouse
  • Loyalty programmes                    
  • Electronic invoices
  • VAT registration abroad                  
  • Establishing of companies abroad      
  • Call-off stock simplification
  • Reverse charge mechanism         
  • Invoicing for specific periods                  
  • Aggregate invoice                                                                                                                       
  • Leasing constructions                  
  • Triangular transaction            
  • Discount strategies
  • The calculation of the deductible portion by using an individual method

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