VAT advisory services

In the life of a tax subject it is usually VAT that causes the most headache; furthermore, decisions concluding tax audits most frequently also end with findings of significant tax difference in connection with VAT.

This is another reason why it is important that someone with the expertise to help you with minimising risks should stand by you in VAT-related issues.

In the framework of VAT advising, our colleagues are prepared to assist you with with tasks starting from the planning of the entire structure, through providing support in the tax aspects of one-time, special transactions, and down to the most practical question.

Among other things, we support our clients in the following areas:

  • The designing of entire transactions with an aim to reducing administrative burdens and utilising possible cash flow advantages;
  • Relying on our extensive international network, establishing or reviewing the correct tax approach in case of intra-Community or third-country transactions;
  • Participation with expertise in cases pending before the tax authority or the courts;
  • Assistance in connection with VAT-related problems, difficulties of interpretation, with the use of the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities;
  • Providing opinions on the VAT consequences and the optimisation of individual transactions (e.g. customer’s inventory, reverse charge mechanism, successive statements of account, etc.);
  • Preparation for the real-time data supply, i.e., the correct design of the “data disclosure for inspection by the authority” function;
  • Questions related to electronic invoicing;
  • The handling of the VAT aspects of free transfers of assets, vouchers, promotions;
  • The interpretation of rules concerning the place of performance (chain, triangular, multi-player, transactions);
  • The formation and revision of the related administrative structures.


Electronic invoicing

Acceptance and issuance of e-invoices, electronic document management. Finding, introducing and applying the proper invoicing method, best serving the needs of the given company and its partners, is critical in the life of every company.

Real-time supply of data

But what is that we provide data on? Let us review your invoicing processes! The eyes of NAV (the Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration) see everything – they will, at least, once “real”-time data supply becomes a requirement.