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EKAER Consultancy? We will help you with the practical application of EKAER! Since the introduction of the Electronic Public Road Trade Control System (EKAER) in 2015, we have experienced that EKAER has grown into biggest administrative burden of businesses in the recent period.

Further, there is hardly any type of business, whether they be small or large, established abroad or domestically, engaged in manufacturing or trade, which could safely declare that they are not affected by EKAER in any way, and need not deal with it.

In addition to the above, despite its short existence, the EKAER system has already been amended on multiple occasions. The changes of the EKEAR concerned significant provisions of the decree, and therefore, it has been essential to continuously monitor and review the already existing systems as well. In addition to the significant amendments, several minor amendments of the EKAER system have also caused difficulties in the lives of the economic operators in general and logistics companies in particular. In certain cases, in connection with the EKAER it also turned out that the VAT, environmental product fee or food chain supervision fee aspects of the transactions were not treated properly either. In such cases, the review of an EKAER system results in double or even triple benefit, since in a best-case scenario, the business will identify an error or deficiency in its commercial or invoicing system earlier than the tax authority. The extent of the EKAER fines in itself may be as high as 40% of the value of the goods, not the mention any tax arrears and tax fines imposed in connection with the VAT, product fee or the food chain supervision fee.

Our team of tax experts at Mazars offers its EKAER consultancy service to ensure that our clients are in possession of the relevant information concerning the EKAER. We do not approach the problems only from a theoretical perspective: the EKAER consultancy service also extends to the practical application of the provisions of law. Our experts continuously monitor amendments to the law, and with their practical advice they contribute to integrating changes in the EKAER system into the everyday operation.

To whom do we recommend our services?

  • To those not yet familiar with the EKAER system, but acquiring goods from the EEC or supplying goods there;
  • To those participating in the initial domestic distribution of goods either as seller or as buyer;
  • To those engaged in the trade of foodstuffs, construction base materials, agricultural produce, wood or clothing goods, and are uncertain about the requirements of the EKAER system;
  • To those who are not sure whether they are obliged to obtain an EKAER number in connection with their transactions;
  • To those who have already obtained an EKAER number, but are uncertain whether they are in full compliance with the rules and whether all reports filed are in order;
  • To those requiring consultation due to changes to the EKAER system to find out to what extent those changes affect them;
  • To those who have a large number of transactions subject to the EKAER system, and for this reason wish to establish a transparent and flexible system for obtaining EKAER numbers;
  • To those participating in intermodal forwarding, or whose goods or base materials are brought to Hungary by way of such forwarding;
  • To those on behalf of whom their business partner files the reports, but would like to be certain that it is done properly;
  • And to all who are unsure about any element of the EKAER system.

How can we help?

  • We assess the risks related to the EKAER system and the EKAER reports.
  • By way of our EKAER consultancy service, we provide comprehensive information and guidance, and we also help by translating the obligations into practice.
  • In connection with the changes to the EKAER system, we review to what extent a given company is affected by the changes, and we assist with adjusting the steps necessary due to the changes to the existing systems.
  • If needed, we participate in the planning process, and we cooperate with the logistics and financial departments of the client company in the interest of optimising their EKAER system.
  • We review the internal EKAER systems earlier established, and identify and deficiencies they may have.
  • We provide professional and practical support in the course of EKAER audits.

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