Other services

Whether it is the daily activity of companies or individual transactions, the significance of taxation consequences is unquestionable; therefore, Mazars offers assistance to its partners with respect to all tax types, including typical or atypical taxation problems.

The quickly changing taxation environment and the unique Hungarian tax types often pose immense challenges to businesses. By way of continuously monitoring and interpreting the legislative provisions, as well as through its excellent relationships with the authorities, Mazars can assist in identifying uncertainties, as well as answer and resolve any questions or problems arising.

The high level of preparedness, as well as the general knowledge of Mazars’ tax advisors, encompassing all tax types, allows a unique approach to the questions that emerge. Thus, the complex examination of each question is possible in a faster and more efficient way. 

Our expert colleagues can provide assistance, among other things, in the following areas:

  • Questions related to advertising tax;
  • Questions on the Electronic Public Road Trade Control System (EKÁER);
  • The cost-efficient handling of promotions;
  • Advising related to the environmental product charge;
  • Drawing up requests for official positions and provisional tax assessments;
  • System-level audits preceding tax audits (assessment of tax risks and proposals for solutions);
  • Participation in the course of audits by tax authorities, drawing up comments, the professional preparation of appeals, representation of our clients before the tax authority or the court;
  • Customs and excise tax advisory services.

EKAER Consultancy

EKAER Consultancy? We will help you with the practical application of EKAER! Since the introduction of the Electronic Public Road Trade Control System (EKAER) in 2015, we have experienced that EKAER has grown into biggest administrative burden of businesses in the recent period.

Cost- efficient promotions

According to the latest market research findings, 72% of consumers are sensitive to various types of promotions, and 40% of all retail sales occur in the framework of a promotion.

Advertising tax

Since its introduction in 2014, the advertising tax has undergone substantial changes, and countless non-binding position letters have been published to help with its interpretation.

Tax audit- due diligence

The objective of our risk management services is to identify the critical points of the taxation practices of our clients by which we can reduce the related tax risks.

Flat-rate tax advisory services

In the frame of flat-rate tax advisory services, our clients have the opportunity to discuss the issues occurring in different taxation matters with our tax experts, to ask for ratification and confirmation either via e-mail or by telephone in return for a monthly fixed price.