Coronavirus: useful tasks for companies

We would like to inform you that Mazars is continuously monitoring the development of the coronavirus epidemic.
You can find below our most recent newsletters to help businesses in this exceptional situation. Please follow us on our website for the most important information about your business.

1. Measures of economic protection: here is the second pack

On the basis of the special legal order introduced due to the COVID_19 coronavirus pandemic, on 23 March 2020, the Government of Hungary adopted new measures by way of a government decree, the aim of which is the alleviation of the economic impacts of the pandemic. In the present issue of our newsletter, we discuss the aspects of these measures in terms of taxation and the procedures of the tax authority.

Mazars Tax Newsletter- Measures of economic protection: here is the second pack

2. The first measures of economic protection have just been announced

Since the declaration of the COVID_19 coronavirus disease as a pandemic and the appearance of the first diagnosed patients in Hungary, events have picked up speed also in an economic sense. In the past few days, the Government of Hungary has introduced several measures designed to assist both economic operators and private individuals, as well as to minimise the negative impacts of this transitory period. The present newsletter provides information on the tax-related, financial and other economic aspects of these measures, focusing in particular on the area of taxation.

Mazars Tax Newsletter- First measures

3. Options in case of temporary tax- related difficulties

Several proposals have been published in the recent days in connection with the temporary measures related to financial and taxation affairs with which the government should help businesses in surviving the economic difficulties of the upcoming period. We are certain that the decision-makers will hear these voices and will try to help companies in trouble by way of administrative means. But what can be done until these new rules are introduced?

Mazars Tax Newsletter- Temporary Tax- Related difficulties

4. Not enough work for the employees?

The Hungarian government decided that all shops must close at 3 pm, with the exception of pharmacies, food stores, fuel stations and tobacco shops. The urgent question is how to treat these under Hungarian employment law? We are discussing the options below. 

Mazars Legal Newsletter- Not enough work for the employees

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