Tax Conference: 12/12/2012

Tax Conference with the experts of Mazars and with the representatives of the Ministry of the National Economy.
The joint event of Mazars Ltd. and the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors Educations Center Ltd. ("MKVKOK")


The year-end legislation rush hour always implies a great challenge for those economic and financial experts whose intention is to become familiar with the next year’s tax regulations. This is especially true for the 2013 tax regulations as a certain part of the amendments are only known from the government’s communication, such as the increasing tax burden of energy provider companies, as well as the bank tax expected to become a permanent element in the Hungarian tax system. 

We look forward to your attendance at the Mazars-MKVKOK Tax Conference to be held on December 12, 2012, where we present all the amendments – being aware of the already passed modifications - which could influence the operation of business entities.