Tax Conference - 05/12/2011

As of 2012, companies have to prepare again for significant changes. The Government submitted the proposal for next year on 13th October, 2011, to which some amendments have been submitted as late as 21th November, the day the Parliament voted on its ratification.


Changes in taxes and contributions 2012

The most important changes, the rising VAT rate, the partial abolishment of the super-gross tax base for the personal income tax, the replacement of the social security contribution with the social contribution tax, the changes made to the companies’ simplified tax (EVA) rate and threshold value, and other changes made to various taxes have been covered in the press. However, there are some other issues with less emphasis that can nevertheless bring significant changes into the life of companies, for example, the limitation made to loss carrying , the abolition of the possibility to deduct the R & D costs from the technological innovation contribution, the changes made to the business car tax, and the rise of the rate of penalties. It is also important to note that, as of 2012, the vocational training contribution and the environmental product charge will be regulated by new laws, and the Labour Code will be subject to significant changes as well.

We would like to kindly invite you the Mazars MKVKOK conference, held together with the representants of the Ministry of National Economy on the 5th December, 2011, where – based on the legislation already passed by the Parliament - we will try to introduce in full detail all changes that could affect companies.