Mazars is 25 years old in Hungary

Mazars Ltd. celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016. You can read here the most important steps in our company's life.

1990: Claude Guérard, the leader of Guérard Viala decides to establish his first affiliates in Prague, Warsaw and Budapest in order to help French investors in the newly-opened markets of Eastern Europe.

1991: The establishment of the Hungarian office under the leadership of Laurent Gasser, the CEO of the company at the time.

1992-1994: The circle of clients grows steadily, primarily made up of French companies. By this time, France is one of the most prominent investors in Hungary.

1995: Sales returns exceeds 100 million HUF for the first time; Alain Hortion becomes the new CEO.  This is the year when the first French competitor, Salustro-Reydel enters the market.

1996: With the merger of Mazars and Guérard Viala, Mazars & Guérard is born. The merger opens a new chapter in the life of the company with dynamic French leadership making us stronger in both the French and European markets – and thus, on the Hungarian market as well.

1997-2002: This period is marked by a continuous growth in every branch of the company: audit, accounting and payroll accounting. French business connections still represent a considerable proportion of companies in our clientele.

2002: Our strategic aim was to offer clients a complex consulting service, yet tax advisory was missing from our range of services.  Sándor Szmicsek joins the company in this year and proceeds to build up the team of tax services, forming the Tax & Legal advisory branch of the company.

2003: The new CEO, François Monville takes leadership of the company. Due to the favourable economic climate and the rational business strategy of the management, the profit of the audit services branch shows a 80% increase, resulting in 630 million HUF in earnings and enabling the company to reach a sales return of 1.4 billion HUF by 2009. Meanwhile, the clientele of Mazars continues to expand steadily with German, British, Italian and Dutch companies - complementing our existing French clients.

2005: The Salustro-Reydel team joins Mazars, which is now the 6th largest company specialising in audit and advisory services in Hungary.

2006: Mazars merges with Metrum Inc., a company under Hungarian ownership, creating Mazars Metrum Inc. Following the merger, Mazars strengthens its position on the Hungarian market.

2007: Audit services are divided into two branches, forming the Audit Transaction and Advisory Services branch. Our experts offer clients complex services starting with the transaction planning through the whole transaction process, covering post-acquisition tasks in the areas of finance, tax, legal and M&A advisory for both costumers and sellers.

2008: Sándor Szmicsek is elected as partner of the international Mazars, becoming the first Hungarian professional leader to enter the group of owners. 

2009: The current CEO of our company, Philippe Michalak Budzan takes over from François Monville, who continues his professional development at Mazars, in the Indonesian office. 

2010: László Karlinger joins the Mazars team as leader of the Financial Outsourcing branch. In the years following his arrival, the range of Accounting and Outsourcing Services (AOS) at Mazars has shown a dynamic growth.  This year marks the beginnings of a close collaboration between the Central and Eastern European Mazars offices. 

2011: The Hungarian Transfer Pricing team becomes the centre for Global Transfer Pricing within the Mazars group.

2014: With the guidance of Gabriella Bohus, one of the partners of the company, Zoltán Benedek becomes the leader of the Audit and Advisory branch. Zoltán Benedek has spent 10 years at Mazars and his outstanding professional work makes him the first colleague to hold a leading position having built a career entirely at Mazars.

2016: This year, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mazars in Hungary. With a sales return of 1.5 billion HUF, Mazars is one of the most prominent advisory companies in Hungary.