Le Prix Hungarica

Mazars Hungary is the Mécénat of Prix Hungarica award in 2019 and 2020. Prix Hungarica was created in 2004 by the Association of Friends of the Hungarian Institut in Paris, France.

The Prix Hungarica award rewards the best research, published or not, in the humanities and social sciences, on contemporary Hungary and its environment, in different fields as diverse as history, law, literature, international project management, heritage professions, sociology, economics, etc.

This award, which is awarded every year in February, to the work of young researchers, specialists or future specialists of contemporary Hungary. Mazars Hungary organised an internal event for their colleagues with the cooperation of the French Institut in Budapest. The awarded researcher was invited to Budapest and Mazars organised a conference in which she could present her essay for the employees. 

Please find below the press release communicated in the local press in Paris.

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