Mazars- Heim Pál Foundation cooperation

In spring of 2015 Mazars launched a co-operation with the Heim Pál Foundation, which will see our employees carry out social work in medical institutions managed by the Foundation.

The Foundation informed us that children’s departments in many health care institutions are in a rather poor condition. These institutions are delighted to receive toys, books and any other devices that help kids to convalesce.

For Children’s Day, Mazars donated toys, books and arts and crafts to the Bethesda Children’s Hospital of the Reformed Church in Hungary. As an additional surprise, our colleagues delivered the donations to the children by hand. We are delighted to help this cause, and it is our intention to make this an annual event.

Mazars gyermeknapi adományozás- 2015. június 1.


Cseppkő Gyermekotthon karácsonyi meglepetés- 2015. december 5.

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