Mazars CSR day 2021

On 17 June 2021, we organised a joint programme with our employees in the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR), with the aim of supporting organisations in a safe way that is appropriate in the current pandemic situation.

Our colleagues were able to contribute with their work, while also collecting pleasant experiences together, at three locations. The work included painting signs along hiking trails in the beautiful landscapes of the Pilis Mountains, repainting the fence of a homeless care centre, and making the corridors of a primary school in Budapest more beautiful.

The supported organisations:

“Ady Endre” Primary School of Pestszentimre:

Located in the suburbs of Budapest, this school of familiar atmosphere and a long-established tradition is a reference and mentoring institution, with a unique and exemplary child-centred pedagogical practice and organisational innovation. While preserving its old traditions, the 90-year-old school underwent physical renewal on the inside. Our tasks included the repainting and renovation of the interior walls and corridors of the school.

Nature Lovers’ Sport Association of Budapest:

The Nature Lovers’ Sports Association of Budapest (BTSSZ) continues the work and progressive traditions of the Budapest chapter of the Hungarian Carpathian Association, founded in 1888, and was formed in 1990 as the legal successor of the Nature Lovers’ Association of Budapest (BTSZ). Its aim is to support recreational sport activities. Our colleagues re-painted tourist signs along the hiking trails at Pilisborosjenő.

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta:

This charitable organisation of extensive past collects donations in kind and in cash to use them for public purposes. They provide direct assistance to those in need and for institutions providing care for them, as well as establish and operate health, social and child welfare institutions and services. In addition, they also organise programs to aimed at preserving physical and mental health, to achieve social security and cooperation between different layers of society. Our task was to paint the iron fence surrounding the building of the Miklós Street Integrated Homeless Care Centre of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta.

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