Our team

In the 130-strong Mazars Budapest team, your personality matters just as much as your knowledge. We believe in the unique powers of uniform diversity; we count on each other in Hungary, and on the other 70 similarly tight-knit Mazars teams all over the world.

Zoltán Benedek, Head of Audit and Advisory

"I started working at Mazars ten years ago as a senior auditor, continuing as an audit manager. Later on I had the opportunity to actively outline and build up the transaction services business line. I currently work as Head of Audit and Advisory. Besides having the freedom to try myself out in different fields of the profession, it was important for me to be a part of the development of the company and have a role in shaping and changing it from the very beginning. Here I truly feel that I take an active part in the advancement of the firm and that I’m not just a cog in the machine. With a fair amount of diligence and creativity, I’m shaping my own environment freely, together with my colleagues."



Heléna Csizmadia, Director, Tax and Legal services

"At Mazars, diversity not only means that I get to meet and work with a different character of significance from the business world but I also get to provide a solution to questions concerning taxation issues hard to answer within doors. Furthermore, it also means that – throughout more than 10 years of my career, climbing the ladder – I have faced challenges in different kinds of positions with different levels of responsibility constantly providing opportunity for me to advance and learn. Alongside the constant change, security is also guaranteed through a stable environment and a great team. Since I’ve had a taste of the advisory profession, I have never wished for a better alternative to it."


Emese Krokovay, Senior Tax Advisor

"As a graduate, I was looking for a job that offered constant opportunities for professional development and meant a long-term commitment. After the first year spent as an assistant, I started the tax advisor training program which I completed in December, 2012; hence, I now work as a tax advisor. Besides professional development, I consider the supportive and friendly atmosphere absolutely vital, which means I come to work with a positive attitude every morning."


Zoltán Betyák, Senior Auditor

"Even during my studies, I was enthusiastic and curious to both learn about and master a range of scientific fields. I was also looking for exactly the same kind of variety and interesting diversity in my job and it was Mazars which was able to provide just that. Besides the high expectations and responsibility in my duties, each and every task brings novelty as well as the joy of getting to know something new and the excitement of a new challenge. The professional excellence of both my colleagues and the company is coupled with a friendly attitude and great atmosphere making Mazars the perfect environment for me to expand my knowledge and achieve my long-term goals."


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