Professional training

Mazars strives to broaden the professional knowledge of its employees and to foment a happy, supportive work environment.

We provide continuous internal professional training and support the quest for external professional qualifications (eg. tax advisor certification, ACCA diploma, etc.). Mazars also aims to help develop the foreign language skills of its employees.

Internal training

Internal professional training allows graduates to learn the basics of the profession from experienced employees. The first internal courses take place in September and are repeated throughout the year on professional demand.

Post-graduate training

Within the framework of a study contract, Mazars supports post-graduate training organized by professional institutions. The prerequisite is a final certificate in higher education. If the graduate employee has not yet obtained a degree, in the first year of employment it is more preferable to obtain the degree than to engage in professional institution training.

For audit-focused graduates, the chartered accountant certificate is the aim; employees in the tax and legal service line should aim to obtain the tax advisor qualification at the end of their first two years at Mazars.

Mazars can support the participation of senior auditors in audit training courses and ACCA training; senior tax advisors can engage in supported international tax expert training.

Trained by Mazars

Our auditors participate in international training on the auditing of insurance and financial enterprises. Tax advisors are regular attendees of international conferences on VAT and transfer pricing issues.

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